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Having Plants For Better Health

Just a couple of months after we moved to the mountains, we fell in love with plants. It wasn’t planned or thought of, it just kind of happened. We started with one, then weekly grocery trips turned into plant shopping hauls. I believe plants were always in my future because in the 3rd grade I had my very first science fare project and I chose the topic “How Do Plants Grow”. My mom and I went to the local plant nursery and chose the Golden Pothos plant. It was a very tiny bud when we bought it. Fast forward that plant from 1999 is still growing strong and very long in my parents house. Special thanks to my mom for taking such great care of it all these years.

Having good, clean and purified indoor air should be a top priority for everyone. It‘s very important in our home. One of the main ways we keep our home purified is by having plants in each room. We love all of our plants and we’ve been learning so much about them. Most importantly we’ve found that having them in our space creates a healing and therapeutic type of environment.

Here are some of the benefits of having house plants: boosts your mood, helps with productivity, cleans/purifies the air, reduces stress, gives you a sense of well-being, and produces more oxygen in your space. Who doesn't want to enjoy these amazing benefits! Hopefully this has encouraged you to get a house plant or two. Start small because plants can be quite pricey depending on how extravagant you want them to be and how many you have. No matter how big or small your space is, always prioritize your health.

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