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Living Efficiently

Living efficiently. What exactly is that? Growing up in my first childhood home, we had a very simple lifestyle. My parents believed firmly on living in an efficient way. As I grew, I learned more and more about the importance of living with less and economizing. The word "economizing" came up in many conversations. Now as an adult, I implement many of the principles my parents taught me and honestly, it has been a blessing. Living with less and being more efficient has helped us to exercise wisdom in every area of our lives.

Living efficiently can also be seen as ‘eco friendly’. We always encourage people to be more “green” because it’s great for the planet, but especially good for us as people. There are a couple passages of scripture where it clearly states how we are to care for Gods earth. ”Genesis 2:15 - So the Lord God took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it”. God has given us everything we need to care for this earth He’s placed us on. “Numbers 35:33 - So you shall not pollute and defile the land in which you live”. It‘s a clear command from God that we ought not to mess up and defile His earth. We were never meant to live in filth, therefore each day we should take steps in creating a better environment not just for us but for the future generations. Call to action: Take some time each day to see where you can improve things and be more efficient.

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